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Reportage, Candid Wedding Photographers Cornwall to London

Reportage wedding photographers are in great demand all over the country. Most people do not like being photographed when they are aware the photograph is about to be taken. The majority of people would rather not know when a photograph is being taken. Wedding photographers are able to provide reportage style of photography aswell as some of the more structured photographs that have been set up by the photographer.

Wedding photographers Shah Photography photograph weddings between Cornwall and London. With a wealth of experience providing a mixture of wedding photography styles photographer Pervaiz Shah will ensure all aspects of your wedding day will be recorded. Feedback from couples that have seen friends wedding photographs is that often the photographer concentrated on shooting everything as it happened with no groups at all and no direction. Whilst the natural photographs will always be popular Pervaiz firmly believes that the wedding photography collection will be enhanced, provide more choice and be more interesting by incorporating a mix of styles when shooting weddings.

When you have a look through the galleries of wedding photographs on this site you will see many different syles of photographs. Should you book Pervaiz to photograph your wedding you will be securing the servces of a highly experienced wedding photographer who will create the sort of images that you like. Most of his wedding customers specify their preference and then leave it up to Pervaiz's judgement to make sure their wedding day is photographed in a way that tells the story of the day.

Reportage or candid wedding photographs are often taken without people being aware the photographs are being taken. Whilst the bride and groom enjoy some time together perhaps a walk in the grounds of the wedding venue this is a great chance for taking some reportage style photographs. The couple will know photographs are being taken but there may be little or no direction from the photographer.

Pervaiz likes to give some direction as he feels brides and grooms are paying for his expertise. As a professional wedding photographer he likes to ensure that the lighting suits the mood of the photograph he wants to create.

Reportage wedding photography has now become a traditional style of wedding photography and has replaced the set up and arranged style of wedding photography from the past. Back in Victorian times photographs were very staged; they had to be as any movement would cause blur. With the cameras of today, photographers are free to shoot at high speed, with long focal length lenses and capture photographs of people who are often unaware the photograph was being taken.

Reportage wedding photography has been practiced by Pervaiz for many years and is one of the styles of photography he incorporates into each wedding he photographs. You may like to have a look at this page Wedding Photography St Ives

Reportage Photographer

reportage wedding photograph of bride and groom cuddling in the grounds of Alverton Manor in Truro

A very happy bride with her groom enjoy a moment captured in a reportage, non intrusive way which is how I photograph much of each wedding day celebrations. This will enable me to document the your wedding and create a pictorial story of your wedding celebrations

Reportage Photography

Close up reportage wedding photograph of bride and groom

Reportage wedding photography is all about the moment; when it's gone it's gone